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CSGO Betting

It’s super easy to get started with CSGO betting. Ever placed bets on regular sports? Betting on csgo works the same way. First of all, you have to pick a sportsbook. To make it easy for you, we’ve listed the best csgo sportsbooks.

The launch of skins was a huge success; it’s now very common to bet skins on pro matches. Due to the increased viewers last year it was expected that gambling companies would add CSGO and other eSports.

CSGO Betting Sites

We’ve listed the four best sportsbooks that are covering the eSports market CSGO. Bet365Bet-at-Home, Betway and Betsson. We make sure that we only list trustworthy and secure sportsbooks. Therefore you don’t have to worry about any sportsbook being shady. Pick a suitable sportsbook by reading our reviews containing pros and cons. Go ahead and sign up once you’ve decided what sportsbook to play use.

The registration process is often very smooth. You’ll finish in just a few steps. When you feel ready to place your bets on eSports, just go ahead and deposit some money. All listed sportsbooks on this site offer secure payment methods. Some sportsbooks even provide their customers a deposit bonus. You can read more about the offers in our reviews.

What is CSGO?

CSGO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is a first-person shooter developed by Valve. CSGO is today one of the biggest eSports markets with a huge amount of players and viewers. Several big tournaments are being played every year, such as ESL ESEA Pro League Finals, Dreamhack Winter, EMS One Katowice and ESL One Cologne.

CSGO Gameplay

In the competitive scene, the game is being played 5vs5, counter-terrorists versus terrorists. At tournaments, a match is played in 30 rounds, with OT (overtime) if the game ends 15-15. OT meaning that they’ll play a few rounds additionally till a winner is declared. The organization behind the tournament decides the number of overtime rounds. In some leagues, a draw (15-15) is a possible result as well.

The terrorists’ mission is to plant the bomb before the round time runs out, and the counter-terrorist is supposed to defuse the bomb. Unless they just haven’t killed the opposing teams’ players before the round is over, and that goes for both sides. The most standard map pool is Dust2, Train, Inferno, Cobblestone, Overpass, Mirage, and Cache. Another map called ‘Season’ is played in some leagues.

CSGO Tournaments

There are tons of CSGO leagues and tournaments taking place all year.  Some examples are FACEIT, ESEA, ESL ESEA Pro League, CEVO, Counter Pit League and the yearly majors Dreamhack Winter, EMS One Katowice and ESL One Cologne. The csgo betting sites on our site provides betting on most of the mentioned leagues and tournaments.



Lots of eSports
Great Odds
CSGO | League of Legends
Dota 2 | HOTS | Hearthstone


Plenty of eSports
Competitive Odds
CSGO | Dota 2
League of Legends | Hearthstone


£30 free bet (deposit bonus)
Specials bets (first blood, 1st map win etc)
CSGO | League of Legends
Dota 2 | Hearthstone | HOTS


£25 Welcome deposit bonus
CSGO | League of Legends
Dota 2
Starcraft 2

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