The Best Betting Options for ELEAGUE Major Qualifier

eleague major qualifier bettingWe list the most awesome csgo betting sites that provide odds for the ELEAGUE major qualifier. 16 teams will gather up in Atlanta, Georgia, USA to fight it out for the last 8 major spots. And with that many matches taking place we have just as many betting opportunities to look forward to.


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ELEAGUE Major Qualifier Match-up Odds

Get the chance of winning a nice chunk of money if you get your predictions right. A nice mixture of odds is available at bet365, everything from safe bets on favorites to potential upsets with higher odds.

Bet365 odds in between the brackets after the teams’ names. Odds can change at any given time.

Team Dignitas (1.083) vs Team Spirit (7.00)
Dignitas are obviously favored in this match, Team Spirit is an unknown team that at least we at haven’t seen at any international event. Should be a safe bet and no worries in the world of losing any money. But, you never know, Team Spirit could surprise the crap out of everyone.

EnVyUs (1.61) vs Immortals (2.20)
One of the most even match-ups of this event. Could really go either way. However, as you can see, bet365 gives a slight edge to EnVyUs. Will be an interesting match anyhow.

FaZe (1.57) vs Cloud9 (2.25)
Cloud9 have been looking really lost ever since their ESL pro league s4 win. So, it’s not that big of a shock to see that FaZe is considered favorites to win this match. Excited to see which Cloud9 that will show up, though. The C9 that won ESL pro league s4 or the uninspired team we’ve witnessed the last couple of months?

CLG (1.66) vs Vega Squadron (2.10)
A match that is annoyingly hard to predict. CLG used to be good a long time ago with their old roster. But, they have lost important players the past year or so. And Vega Squadron is a new team that no one is expecting to go through to the main major event.

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Ninjas In Pyjamas (1.28) vs Renegades (3.50)
The Swedish superstars in NiP are heavily favored in this match. Even though Renegades have been playing better than ever these last two months. But it will probably not be enough against a team like NiP.

OpTic Gaming (1.30) vs TyLoo (3.40)
One would have thought that TyLoo would be a team that could stand a good chance against any top team. They have, however, looked horrible for a while now. And it’s the opposite for OpTic, they have been playing like gods the last 3months.

Mousesports (1.36) vs HellRaisers (3.00)
We think this might be a lot closer than the odds tell us. HellRaisers have some great firepower in their line-up, and they could very well end up beating Mousesports.

G2 Esports (1.53) vs GODSENT (2.37)
Will JW and Flusha ever get back to being the best? GODSENT have not been able to impress us yet. They do have individually skilled players, but their results just haven’t been there. G2 favored by bet365, should be a real brawl, though.

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