CS:GO Roster Updates – November 2019

CS_GO Roster changes november 2019-min

2019 has been an incredible year of CS:GO thus far and there are still multiple major events to go down. The year has had a nice range of ups and downs and storylines for different teams. The ups and downs have led to several roster changes, some of which were obvious, others came as a surprise. Below is a breakdown of all major roster updates in recent months.

Evil Geniuses

This one isn’t much of a roster change, more so an organisation change. The roster had been improving gradually throughout the year under NRG but things changed prior to ESL One New York. Evil Geniuses announced their return to CS:GO after a significant absence and acquired the full NRG roster:

Brehze, CeRq, Ethan, Tarik and Stanislaw

FaZe Clan

An inconsistent year meant roster changes were majorly required at FaZe, but the biggest issue was making a change without having to overhaul everything. They ended up targeting Brazilian star Coldzera and eventually acquired him from MiBR. Their roster now consists of:

Rain, NiKo, Olofmeister, Coldzera and Broky (on trial)


It’s been a really understated year for the North American organisation in CS:GO. They have had continual issues with keeping a roster locked down this has led to yet another change in recent weeks. They essentially had a complete overhaul during the player break. Cloud9’s roster is now:

Autimatic, Daps, Mixwell, Koosta and Subroza (on trial)

100 Thieves

It’s been quite some time since we heard this name within CS:GO. Since they were last involved in the scene, the organisation has quite simply blown up. With locking in huge rounds of investment, collaborating with celebrities and having arguably the best apparel in esports, they are rising to the top. They made it clear that they wanted a CS team to be part of this ascension and this past week acquired the former Renegades roster:

AZR, Jks, Jkaem, Liazz and Gratisfaction


It’s hard not to feel bad for this unique Finnish organisation. Early 2019 was amazing for them, they lifted Championships, made multiple grand finals appearances and were truly putting Finland back on the map. Then they fell into a downward spiral and decided to make one key change; they removed in-game leader Aleksib from the starting roster. Their roster now consists of:

Allu, Sergej, Aerial, xSeven and Sunny.


These are just the highlights of the roster changes in recent months and there have been smaller scenarios of lower-tier teams changes and substitutes stepping in. It’s worth noting that neither Liquid or Astralis have many any changes this year but with recent stumbles, could that change in the near future?