VIDEO: IEM Katowice 2017 Highlights

Next big csgo tournament is three weeks away so we thought we’d share an IEM Katowice highlight video. The video features huge plays from the likes of Guardian, Kioshima, Allu,

Danish superstar team with another huge win

  Astralis have done it again, brought home another tournament victory. The danish superstars have looked untouchable lately, teams like VP, SK and fnatic really need to step up if

Top 5 Eleague Major Betting Tips

With the ELEAGUE Major being just around the corner we help you find the best betting options. Lately, lots of sportsbooks have been adding eSports to their selection. Which can

These Sportsbooks Provides Premium WESG Odds

A new year equals new csgo tournaments to look forward to. And we’re just about ten days away from the China-based event WESG. This event is packed with teams wanting

ECS Season 2 Finals Betting Advice

ECS Season 2 Finals Betting Advice So, in just about three days, one of the last big csgo tournament for this year, starts. With eight world-class teams participating we’re in