Team Liquid and MIBR exchange players

Stewie2k-team liquid

The run up to the holiday period was an exciting one for both Team Liquid and MIBR (Made in Brazil), as they have traded two of their star players to one another. MIBR traded Stewie2k over to Team Liquid in return for Taco and the coach Zews.

Stewie2k had this to say in a press release following the announcement:

“I’m excited to work and play with players that I’ve known coming up in the scene. The team has been rising each year and I’ve seen good progression over time”, he followed this up by mentioning he feels they “have a bright future ahead of us and we can meet our expectations given time. I have a good feeling about this move and I believe it’s for the better. Only we can hold us back now.”

It should be noted that he mentions requiring time in order for the roster to meet the high standards that will be set, this is probably to ease fans with the move and understand that they won’t become the #1 team over night.

It was confirmed in a press release by Team Liquid that Taco and Zews both required a transfer earlier in the year, and this is what helped to start the negotiations with MIBR. Zews had been the coach of Liquid since 2016 whilst Taco only held a short spell with them as he joined in April of 2018.

It’s hard to tell who got the best out of this deal, Liquid had been performing incredibly consistent with second place finishes at multiple big tournaments and have been considered the best team in NA by many this year, even putting up a fight against Astralis in several grand finals.

On the flip side, MIBR have had their issue since the team made the decision to leave SK Gaming, they won two majors during their time at SK but have failed to win anything since.

It should be kept in mind that Taco was previously benched by SK in March before he made the move to Liquid, so it will be interesting to see how the team chemistry and friendships develop.