WESG World Finals 2017: Betting Advice & Winner Odds

wesg 2017 world finals odds

The time to decide the winner of WESG 2017 has finally come. 32 teams from different countries around the world have made it to the finals in China where they’re competing for $1,500,000. The question is, who are the favorites among these teams? We try to answer this down below.

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SK Gaming

Although SK Gaming hasn’t looked as impressive lately, we believe that they have a great shot at bringing home the trophy, especially considering that FaZe won’t attend WESG 2017 World Finals. The biggest rivals for the Brazilians in this tournament are certainly Cloud and Fnatic, where the latter won IEM Katowice 2018 not that long ago, a huge win for the Swedish team who should be confident heading to WESG. Because of the huge prize pool, it would be strange not to see a well-prepared SK this time. As they’ve been a bit sloppy at the last couple of tournaments, they are surely eager to get back in winning form.


The North-American team Cloud9 is the current major champions, which means that they have what it takes to win a tournament at WESG’s caliber. However, a worrying sign is the team’s latest performances, which quite frank has been awful. In some cases, they haven’t even made it out of the group stage, really disappointing. As Cloud9 has looked lackluster at the last events another American team has risen to the occasion, Team Liquid has made it to several playoffs and finals. So we’re not even sure that Cloud9 is the best that America has to offer right now, but we would love to see them prove us wrong as they’re amazing when they’ in shape.


Fnatic is a legendary CSGO team with many tournaments wins in the past. But just until now they had been struggling a lot, and it has looked really dark at times. However, with their win at IEM Katowice 2018 a week ago they’re definitely back as they beat no other than FaZe, the number one team in the world. Thanks to the victory in Katowice fnatic is now considered the fifth best team in the world according to HLTV’s world rankings. We’re super stoked of seeing the Swedish team in China to see if they can keep it up. A win at this tournament would probably put them as high as a top 3 team in the world.

Space Soldiers

Space Soldiers have no huge tournament wins under their belt, but they’re definitely a team to be reckoned with as they have lots of individually skilled players and a decent IGL. The missing piece has for the most part been consistency, they usually do well in bo1’s but seem to get sloppy and let them pressure get to them in bo3’s and important matches. If they can get over that hurdle we think that this team can be a real threat at WESG 2017 World Finals. Teams such as SK and Fnatic should not take this squad lightly as they have proved before that they can take on the very best in the world.