DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017: Match Winner Odds

dreamhack malmö 2017

DreamHack Masters Malmö is a $250,000 tournament and features 16 of the most reputable teams in the world. Dreamhack has announced the match-ups for the first group round, meaning the first matches are available for betting. We compare the best DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017 odds. The sportsbooks which we have included are Betway, bet365 and Betsson.

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Astralis vs Renegades

I have a hard time seeing Astralis losing this match against Renegades. Astralis is the second best team in the world while Renegades is ranked #22 and has been struggling against top 10 teams in the past. However, if you have a hunch that Renegades could potentially win you can win up to 4 times your money.

Astralis: Betway 1.22 | bet365 1.22 | Betsson 1.22
Renegades: Betway 4.00 | bet365 4.00 | Betsson 3.90

SK vs BOOT-ds

This is by far the easiest matchup to predict, SK is the superior team in every single way. Fallen and his squad is currently the best team in the world and the team to beat right now, should be an easy win against such an unknown team as BOOT-ds. I expect SK to reach at least the semifinals, at the same time I don’t see BOOT-ds making it out of groups.

SK: Betway 1.07 | bet365 1.071 | Betsson 1.07
BOOT-ds: Betway 7.00 | bet365 7.50 | Betsson 7.10

Team North vs Cloud9

This match-up is a bit tricky, Cloud9 has a lot more firepower now when they’ve recruited tarik and RUSH. But they haven’t looked that impressive so far in their recent online games. Due to this fact I’d say that Team North is favorites to win this match, they’re the second best team in Denmark and ranked #8 globally.

Team North: Betway 1.50 | bet365 1.53 | Betsson 1.53
Cloud9: Betway 2.40 | bet365 2.37 | Betsson 2.37

Virtus.pro vs Natus Vincere

This is definitely going to be a brawl, perhaps the most evenly matched game in the first round of group stage. Neither team has looked that sharp, to be honest, but due to the recent changes in Natus Vincere I believe that VP has a slight edge. The players in Virtus.pro have stuck together for years now and they’re a solid unit, while Na’Vi just brought Zeus back, so they might lack timing and communications as for now.

Virtus.pro: Betway 1.80 | bet365 1.80 | Betsson 1.81
Na’Vi: Betway 1.90 | bet365 1.90 | Betsson 1.91

Immortals vs Fnatic

All of our recommended sportsbooks put Fnatic as favorites in this match, I personally think that Fnatic needs more time with their new line-up. The Brazilian team Immortals have proven several times that they indeed belong in top 5 where they currently rank. With that said, the new Fnatic have looked promising from what we’ve seen so far.

Immortals: Betway 2.05 | bet365 2.00 | Betsson 2.00
Fnatic: Betway 1.70 | bet365 1.72 | Betsson 1.74

Gambit vs Mousesports

Gambit lost their IGL right after their huge win in PGL Major Krakow. Will they manage to stand on their own feet without the great leader Zeus? They still have world-class players like AdreN and HObbit, but is that enough to beat new and improved mousesports? I really enjoyed watching Gambit play during the PGL Major, and I really hope that they can bring some heat to DH Masters Malmö.

Gambit: Betway 2.10 | bet365 2.10 | Betsson 2.10
Mousesports: Betway 1.65 | bet365 1.66 | Betsson 1.67

FaZe vs NiP

FaZe is looking strong with their new superstar players GuardiaN and olofmeister. They now have four superstars in the team and the tough part is getting them to work as a unit, we’ll see how karrigan handles that task. NiP have also been going through some changes, but they still seem to be struggling a bit. It could just be that they’re a bit off after weeks of vacation.

FaZe: Betway 1.40 | bet365 1.40 | Betsson 1.35
NiP: Betway 2.75 | bet365 2.75 | Betsson 2.95

G2 vs EnVyUs

G2 is clearly the better team, however, they can lose to lower ranked teams as their superstars KennyS and Shox tend to disappear sometimes. Given that G2’s star players deliver, the win is theirs. EnVyUs, on the other hand, can be a threat for top teams like G2 if they’re on point, but I believe that G2 will be too much to handle.

G2: Betway 1.50 | bet365 1.50 | Betsson 1.50
EnVyUs: Betway 2.40 | bet365 2.50 | Betsson 2.40