IEM Sydney 2018: Match Winner Predictions

iem sydney 2018 match betting

The initial match-ups for IEM Sydney 2018 have already been made public. The invited teams will go up against the qualifying teams, which, of course, boosts the odds quite a bit. You can also place fun bets such as ’First Pistol Round’, ’First Blood etc.

See match-ups below and how much you potentially could win:

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IEM Sydney 2018 match betting, May 1

FaZe vs Order

Although FaZe isn’t playing up to their usual standard, they should have what it takes to beat a team like Order. The Australian team Order has almost no experience playing big tournaments such as IEM Sydney 2018, so it will definitely be an exciting test going up against top opponents. If Order were to play against FaZe with Olofmeister in the line-up, we would probably say that there’s no chance in hell for them. But, FaZe has been looking somewhat shaky recently so there’s an opportunity for Order here, even though it’s a really small one.

FaZe 1.10 | Order 5,57

Space Soldiers vs Renegades

On paper, this is the match out of the initial ones that will be the most even. Renegades is the most recognizable team hearing from Australia, we’ve seen them at plenty of international LANs. However, they now play with jkaem (Norway) and Nifty (USA), so it would be fair to call them an international team. Still, even if Renegades is a team to be reckoned with, Space Soldiers are favored in this match-up, they have defeated way better teams than Renegades in the past.

Space Soldiers 1.70 | Renegades 2.05

TyLoo vs SK Gaming

Given SK Gaming’s form recently, going up against TyLoo is a great warm-up match. This match will give an idea of which SK we will get to see. Not to take anything away from TyLoo, but this is SK’s game to lose. If SK Gaming’s stars don’t show up, then TyLoo might stand a chance, but even then it will be a near-impossible task. We predict an easy victory for the Brazilian squad.

TyLoo 3.55 | SK Gaming 1.25

NRG vs Astralis

Astralis is the team on everyone’s lips right now as they just won DH Masters Marseille 2018. Even the Danish prime minister congratulated them, which is fun for the esports scene generally speaking. People following the scene know what kind of team Astralis is and what they’re capable of, NRG, on the other hand, is a different story. NRG consists of daps, FugLy, Brehze, nahtE and CeRq, so there are no superstars to speak of there. We can only see this match going one way, which of course is Astralis wiping the floor with NRG.

NRG 4.75 | Astralis 1.15

Chiefs vs fnatic

Chiefs is one out of four teams from Australia that are attending IEM Sydney 2018. It would be fun to see at least one Australian team making it out of groups. However, as fnatic is performing well lately we have a hard time seeing Chiefs beating them. Also considering that Chiefs barely have any past experience playing against stronger teams such as fnatic. As much as we want an Australian team doing good at this event, we can’t put our money on it.

Chiefs 4.00 | fnatic 1.20

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