ESL One Cologne 2018: Match ups & odds comparison

esl one cologne 2018 odds

The six-day long event ESL One Cologne 2018 begins on Tuesday (July 3rd), where we will see 16 elite csgo teams fight it out for the $300,000 prize pool. The large amount of participants makes for a lot of csgo match betting opportunities, and this is what we will focus on in this article.

As the first match-ups of the tournament have been revealed, we take a closer look at the most interesting ones. Important to have in mind is that our ESL One Cologne 2018 predictions down below shouldn’t be made as guaranteed money in the bank. These are our personal opinions and should be perceived as such.

ESL One Cologne 2018 odds comparison

We’ve also put together ESL One Cologne 2018 odds comparison between Betway and bet365.

Please note that the odds might have changed since this article was produced. Proceed to the bookmakers in question to see current odds.

Astralis vs ENCE (book closes 3 July 12:00)

Astralis versus ENCE is what we would call a safe bet. The Danish team Astralis is without a doubt the best team in the world right now, while ENCE is generally an inexperienced team with an exception for the player Allu which we’ve seen in teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas. 1.10 in odds won’t generate a lot of money unless you bet a huge amount or combine this match with other matches. The only thing that speaks for ENCE is that this is a bo1, which tend to be a bit more ”random” compared to best of 3 matches.

Odds: bet365 1.10 | Betway 1.10

NiP vs Cloud9 (book closes 3 July 12:00)

This match-up is far from a safe bet, both NiP and Cloud9 have been struggling and going through roster changes lately. Given these teams current shape, it should be a tight match. But, with that said, we have to give a slight edge to NiP as they at least have had time to play together with their new player Lekr0. While Cloud9 still haven’t announced a fifth player heading to ESL One Cologne 2018.

Odds: bet365 1.90 | Betway 1.85

Mousesports vs Gambit (book closes 3 July 13:10)

Looking back at the past months and the competitions that have occurred it’s crystal clear that mousesports is the stronger team. Gambit hasn’t been the same since their major win last summer, which they did under great leadership by Zeus (now active in Na’Vi). Mousesports, on the other hand, has performed well and even managed to beat top 3 teams now and then. One thing to keep in mind though, regarding Mouesports, is that they acquired a new player just the other day, Snax is replacing Styko. This will, of course, have an impact on their gameplay at ESL One Cologne 2018. However, we still believe they have the upper hand against a team like Gambit.

Odds: bet365 1.40 | Betway 1.40

Fnatic vs Team North (book closes 3 July 15:30)

To be fair, this might be a closer match-up than the odds gives away. A win for North pays 2.75 times the money, a bit high if you ask us. This is one of those matches where an upset is quite possible as North is a good team, and Fnatic is entering ESL One Cologne 2018 with a newly added player. Anyhow, we can’t look past the fact that Fnatic looks so amazing on paper right now – JW, Flusha, Krimz, Xizt and Draken, what a line-up! They have all the potential in the world of becoming number one. A win against Team North should be doable.

Odds: bet365 1.40 | Betway 1.45