ESL Pro League S5: This Week’s Matches & Odds

esl pro league s5 matches

Several weeks have already passed this season of ESL Pro League. And we’re in for quite a surprise in the European division as mousesports is at the top with an 8-2 record. Who would have thought? Time will tell if they can keep up the pace and go through to the finals, taking place June 3-4.

This week of ESL Pro League treats us with some world-class match-ups. For instance, Swedish rivals NiP and fnatic clash on Tuesday, March 21. We’ll also get to see HellRaisers take on Shox and c:o in French squad LDLC.

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Tuesday – March 21

FaZe Clan vs Na’Vi


Super even match-up, both teams have been playing decent counter-strike recently. And they’re sharing the same amount of points so far in this season of ESL Pro League. A win would mean well-needed points to stay top six in their division.

There are so many superstars in these teams. S1mple and flamie being the heavy hitters for Na’Vi , while NiKo and rain are the players that usually steps up for FaZe. The team with the best current shape is FaZe. But if Na’Vi brings their A-game, they have the potential to beat anyone.

Because of the high odds, we’re going with Na’Vi, you’ll get two times the money on Betway if they win.

HellRaisers vs G2 Esports


G2 Esports are not living up to their potential right now, and they’re actually at the very bottom of the European division standings. I’m not that sure if G2 is going to be motivated enough to take on HellRaisers. It’s a great opportunity to gamble a bit here since G2 probably won’t go through to the ESL Pro League final no matter how hard they try.

A win for HellRaisers gives you 2.95 times your money on Betway. That’s honestly incredible odds. We’ve seen HellRaisers put up a good fight against better teams than G2 in the past.

NiP vs Fnatic


Ninjas in Pyjamas are in desperate need of points, with eight matches played so far and only two wins. They have recently acquired draken, so that could turn things around for the ninjas. Things are looking better for their rivals in fnatic, though. It seems like the boys in orange is improving every day, they smashed VP on train not too long ago.

But, with that said, either of the teams is in their best form. It will most certainly be one hell of a brawl. However, if we have to choose, we’d go with fnatic, they’re looking a bit stronger at the moment.

LDLC vs Faze


An easy win for FaZe is probably to expect, they’re the better team and in better shape. It’s going to take a lot if LDLC is even going to stand a chance in this match-up. I guess stranger things have happened, but still, FaZe is looking sharp with NiKo. Safest bet of tonight’s matches in my opinion.