ZOTAC Cup Masters Grand Finals 2018

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ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 is not the most significant event, but it’s a nice warmup before DH Masters Stockholm. The tournament plays out in Hong Kong, China and will feature eight teams from different parts of the world. Quarter-final match-ups have been drawn, and that is precisely what we will put our focus on in this article.

ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 quarter-finals:

Tyloo vs Kinguin

Tyloo versus Kinguin is a tricky one, although I believe that Tyloo should be able to bring home the W. It’s not that Kinguin is a crappy team, it’s more about how Tyloo has improved during this summer, which we saw at IEM Shanghai 2018 where they finished second place. Tyloo should have good chances of going all the way to the final in a tournament like ZOTAC Cup Masters, where an out of shape mibr is the toughest opponent.


Optic vs Ghost

Ghost is perhaps the weakest team participating in ZOTAC Cup Masters; they’re basically a mix pub squad. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the easier match-up in the quarter-final as they have been matched with OpTic, who is considered one of the favorites of the whole tournament. We can’t possibly see how Ghost will put up a fight, sad for both the team and the viewers. So, all in all, ez win for Optic.


Virtus.pro vs MVP PK

Virtus.pro’s glory days are long gone, which have led to the exits of both Snax and Taz. The changes haven’t had any positive effects though. However, a tournament like ZOTAC Cup is perfect for Virtus.pro as the competition lacks many top teams. For this match-up, we’d say that VP is favored, but regards the semi-finals, things could get tougher.

BookmakerVirtus.proMVP PK

MIBR vs Flash

This match-up would be an impossible task for Flash if this were the same MIBR (ex SK) as 1,5 years ago. Lucky for Flash, this is far from the case. Don’t get me wrong, MIBR is still expected to win relatively easy against Flash, but it’s not as given as it could have been.